Kostik S. I. Heat exchange and hydrodynamics during the methanogen solution concentration in rotor-disk evaporator. – Manuscript.

         Ph. D. Thesis in Engineering Science with a degree in 05.14.06 – Technical Thermophysics and Industrial Thermal Power Engineering. Institute of Engineering Thermophysics of the National Academy of Science of Ukraine, Kyiv, 2014.

         This paper presents the research of biogas generation stimulation based on the creation of heat technology and equipment for the production of methanogen liquid concentrates. Methanogen liquid concentrates capability is shown for the stimulation of biogas generationby using of the advanced rotor-disk flash film evaporator. Mathematic and computer simulation of hydrodynamic heat exchange processes and shear stress in rotor-disk flash film evaporator has been conducted. It is experimentally proved that there is a capability of methanogen solutions concentration in RDFFE with the high yield of the living cells, the concentrate activity equals to 1-3105cells/ml. After considering the results of the conducted research the technology and equipment for the obtaining of liquid microbiological methanogen concentrates have been suggested, which in their turn are used for the biogas generation stimulation.

  Key words: methanogen, biogas, concentration, thermolabile materials, heat exchange, hydrodynamics, stress shear, rotor-disk evaporator.

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