Victoria M. Mel’nik - Chair, PhD, Professor, Exemplary Teacher of Ukraine. 

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      She graduated in 1997. "KPI" specialty "Automation of chemical-engineering processes." In September 2001, defended her PhD thesis and became the first graduate. In 2003 received the rank of associate professor. In May 2009, defended her doctoral thesis. The creative legacy of more than 500 scientific and technical publications, of which - 20 monographs, 1 - the manual labeled with MES of Ukraine, more than 40 patents of Ukraine. Academician of the International Academy of navigation and traffic control. Citation index in the search engine Google is 38.

     Research interests outlined studying the impact of disturbing factors on different physical polyaggregation mechanical structure. Twice the scholar of Ministry of Ukraine for young scientists. Winner of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine in 2006. By the order of the President of Ukraine in 2007 was appointed grant to implement creative ideas. She was awarded a nominal watch "From the President of Ukraine."

     Curator of an academic group that won in 2009 first place in NTU "KPI" in the competition for the best academic group .Awarded an honorary Diploma of Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine, Diplomas of Academic Council of NTU "KPI", diplomas of Kyiv City State Administration on the results of many competitions Science Project under the motto "The intellectual potential of young scientists - at the service of the capital!".

Main lecture courses:

  • Theory of mechanisms and machines;
  • Equipment for packaging of pharmaceutical and microbiological production;
  • Biotechnology industries reactors;
  • Automation of pharmaceutical and microbiological production.