Костик Сергій ІгоровичKostyk Sergiy I. - Ph.D., Associate Professor.

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  A graduate of the department in 2009, graduated master with  "honors" from  specialty " Pharmaceutical and microbiological industry equipment."

     Since September 2009, works in the Institute of Thermophysics Engineering NAS of Ukraine, as the  research fellow in the department of heat transfer in disperse systems. In December 2014 he defended his thesis on specialty 05.14.06 "Technical thermophysics and industrial combined heat and power" on "Heat transfer and hydrodynamics in concentration of methanogens solutions in rotary-disk device."

     Since September 2013 at the Department of Engineering and Bioengineering, holds the position of assistant. Works on the research of “heat transfer and hydrodynamics in pharmaceutical devices and biotechnology industries, energy-saving technologies, alternative energy sources, processes of dehydration (concentration) of thermally labile materials and processes in which the discrete pulse energy input method is implemented (DIVE).

     Currently the creative legacy of S.I. Kostyk is 17 scientific and technical papers, 11 patents of Ukraine for utility model, 1 patent of Ukraine for invention, and 30 abstracts at national and international professional conferences. Awarded diplomas of Kyiv City State Administration for scientific and technical projects in contests "Intelligent youth - in the service of capital" - 2006. Twice, in 2005 and 2007, awarded diplomas of Scientific Unions of students and graduates of NTUU "KPI". Honorary Diploma of the Presidium of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine for scientific research in the contest of young scientists - 2016.

      Provides educational teaching these subjects:

  • Calculation and design of typical equipment
  • The processes and apparatus of biotech industries
  • Modelling fundamentals
  • Calculation and design of special equipment
  • Modern equipment microbiological and pharmaceutical industries