Шибецький Владислав ЮрійовичShybetskyy Vladislav Y. - assistant.

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     He graduated in 2009 from NTU "KPI" with "honors", specialty "Pharmaceutical and microbiological industry equipment."

     Scientific contribution consists of 35 works, including 7 patents for utility models; manual "Robotic systems and complexes of pharmaceutical and biotechnological industries" labeled NTU "KPI"; manual "hardware circuits of pharmaceutical and biotech industries. Drafting order and registration requirements "approved by NTU" KPI "; 5 guidelines to implement practical and laboratory work, diploma and course projects; as well as articles in scientific journals, abstracts for home and professional conferences. Awarded diplomas of Kyiv City State Administration for scientific and technical projects in contests "Intelligence youth - in the service of capital". Twice, in 2005 and 2007, awarded diplomas of Science Student Association of NTUU "KPI". Laureate of the Kiev mayor in 2006.

     Academic disciplines provided:

  • The processes and apparatus of  biotech industry;
  • Computer-aided equipment design of pharmaceutical and microbiological industry;
  • Repair, installation and operation of pharmaceutical and biotechnology industries;
  • Design fundamentals;
  • Descriptive geometry, engineering and computer graphics. Special equipment computer graphics;
  •  Informatics.